Reed Diffuser Set
Reed Diffuser Set

Reed Diffuser Set

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A 4 oz bottle of your favorite Cascade Vintage & Co. scent packaged up in a beautiful clear glass bottle. Each bottle will come with a white label and 7 naturally harvested reeds. 

The first time you use your reed diffuser, dip the reeds in the oil, then carefully flip them so the dry ends go in the oil. Flip reeds about once a week for maximum scent dispersion. Each jar will last approximately 3 months.

Reed diffusers are perfect for those areas where you can't burn candles such as, a baby's room or a college dorm.

Made with water, vegetable glycerin and essential oils. All natural ingredients for a greener home. 

Please do not consume, not meant for ingestion. If a spill occurs, wipe up immediately as the oils may damage some finishes.

Scents Available:

  • Eucalyptus + Mint 
  • White Birch + Rosemary 
  • Blue Spruce + White Tea 
  • Oakmoss + Amber 
  • Sandalwood + Lavender