Oh Baby: Hosting A Forest Vibe Baby Shower

One of my best friends, Brooke Scott of Seven Seas Beautiful, recently had her little baby boy, Henry (aka Hanky), and I am over the moon for her and her growing family! I wanted to share some deets on how the baby shower came to be.

Months ago, Brooke told me the news over happy hour after what seemed like months of avoiding me (legit I think we didn't see each other for three months). I ordered a Pinot Noir, and she ordered a tonic water - and if you know us, we love our Pinot! I was like hey what’s up, it is in fact called happy hour for a reason, amiright? And then it hit me, OMG she is pregnant! Look at how cute she is in her pregnant state (she might not of felt so cute here, but as her close friend, I think she was radiant!).

And once she told me, my brain immediately went to planning - I can't help it, it's in my nature - and that's why she loves me! ha! We decided to have the baby shower at my house and Brooke is just like me, she likes to be involved, so I kept her in the loop the entire process. I immediately went to the google and started to find so many inspirational baby showers. Have you searched for baby showers before? I mean, wow, people go all out! We decided on a Green, Brown, Gold, Cream and Blush theme that included some eucalyptus and forest animals (Brooke loves Bunnies and forest animals).

We wanted to keep it simple and within budget. So we opted for an afternoon gathering with finger type appetizers and deserts. These cupcakes were unbelievable - look at them! They were made at a local bakery here in Vancouver, WA called Simply Sweets (they even have gluten free options, you know for people like me;) !) 

We also decided on a few games, just a few, as we all know that most of us hate the idea of being forced into playing games. One of the fun ones, and easy for kids to participate, is to find the mini babies placed all around the house. Can you find the one in this photo? 

Is it a baby shower without a Mom-osa bar? I say no way! But, we also made sure to have some sparkling water on hand for our pregnant mama + kiddos ;). 

Each guest was given a little gift to take home and to watch it grow. How cute are these?

And it wouldn't be a baby shower without watching the Mom to be open her gifts so we can all oooo and awww, right? 

Brooke had the best day surrounded by those that love her dearly. I for one am lucky to call her my bestie! Oh, and a big shout out to her Mom who rocked the cheese boards and food! Are you planning a baby shower? What's your theme? Or do you not even really have a theme? 


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