Kids Bedroom Revamp: Whimsical Sophistication

Both my hubby and daughter have birthdays so close together, 9 days a part to be exact. I always find myself in super speed mode trying to plan and organize for both. And when one is done, I quickly pivot to the next. This year we asked our daughter, who was turning 9, what she wanted for her birthday and to my delighted ears, she said, "I want my room redone". I mean, I have zero idea where she gets this from ;). She said she wanted blue walls and foxes. Challenge accepted and we got to work. 

I treated her bedroom makeover like I would any other project and looked to her as my client, ensuring I got approval all along the way. I wanted her room to feel whimsical and playful, yet have the sophistication that she could grow into. I kept coming back to this idea that I wanted it to look French, eclectic, lived in and a bit quirky. We came up with an inspiration board and created a guiding document to help us get organized. Here are the two main inspiration images we used to guide us along our re-design journey.

Photos From: Urban Outfitters + Lulu & Georgia

With some inspiration images, next up was figuring out a paint color, and remember she said she wanted blue walls? Do you know how many ugly blue paint colors are out there? Well, let me tell you, there a like a lot! I mean SO many, I was truly baffled. With many hours of research, we both finally agreed on the color Silvermist by Sherwin Williams. It's this lovely blue green color that at times can look more green and other times like a smokey blue, it's just perfect! Look at it!

We immediately called our local Sherwin Williams to order the paint. Can I just say how awesome they are?! I mean, they are so friendly and seriously have this curbside pick up down.

Amelia also had some other stipulations for her room. She wanted foxes, a simple wood bed, a new rug, she wanted a white night stand with a drawer and a place for her books and she wanted her dresser to match her night stand (she had a really specific vision).

With these requests I got busy finding some products that I thought she might like. Some of these items we already had in our home and found ways to repurpose, so if it is no longer offered in stores, I put in a link to something similar. I mean we are re-designing in the middle of a pandemic, we had to think smart and figure out what we could get delivered in time (and save on costs). I also love to create rooms that have a mix of old and new, so the room doesn't feel sterile, but cozy.

Products Left to Right: Fox Sheet Set | Night Stand | Circle Rug | Platform Bed frame | Art | Dresser | Fox Wallpaper | Stripe Coverlet | Fox Pillow | Wall Sconce | Rattan Chair  | Buffalo Check Throw

We ordered the peel and stick Fox wallpaper from Wonderwalls Boutique on Etsy and it arrived in like two days (from the UK), super fast! We were initially intimidated by the thought of wallpaper, but with some YouTube videos and some help with the Etsy shop owner, it was a piece of cake! I would highly recommend adding some peel and stick to your life!

Some other items we ended up ordering were delayed and that slowed us down a bit, but in the end, I can say, with full confidence, I think we nailed it. Ready to see it? Are you sure?.... OK... here it is.......

Wait for it.....

Gah!! What do you guys think? Were we able to achieve our goal of whimsy meets sophistication? And isn't this wallpaper and Silvermist paint color just the best? I can't stop myself from walking by everyday and lingering around to swoon over it. We still have some art, a mirror and the sconce to hang, but I can tell you, we had one happy little girl when she finally saw the reveal. She loved it all, she said she especially loved the natural wood bed, the walls and the rattan chair. Music to my ears when a client is happy (especially when its my daughter)! Have ya'll been working on house projects during this quarantine? 

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